SaintMac's Kingmaker

3rd Lamashan, 4734

Begin – Whore’s ship, Kantele River, Galt
Tess wakes and has breakfast with captain (Teb). He states that though he must be about his duties that he will send up some of the woman to keep her company. He also states that they will be making the turn north up the East Sellen River, following the River Kingdoms.
Conversation with women.
1st woman – She thinks the old King and Queen of the Stolen Lands were vampires.
2nd woman –Heard that the Queen of Deerborne is fair and doesn’t mind brothels in the city.
3rd woman – Hears Deerborne is fair and safe. Say her brother left the family to be a foot soldier for her, but something made him head east to the Blind Queen in the mountains.
Dinner with captain is small talk but friendly. He suggests that Tess walk on deck tomorrow for some fresh air.



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