SaintMac's Kingmaker

1st Roda, 4714

1st Roda, 4714
Begin – Hex 76.
Finish 76. (100XP)

2nd – 3rd Roda, 4714
Begin – Explore 77.

4th -5th Roda, 4714
Begin – Hex 70.
Explore 70. (100XP)

6th Roda, 4714
Attack of Owlbear outside of lair.
Owlbear kills 20 soldiers.
Dead owlbear falls on Akiros. Kate revives.

7th Roda, 4714
Using teleport, party arrives in Deerborne.
Morning Discussion summary.
Charlotte tells of visions.
Randolph and Victoria together (married) .
Baby for Kate in winter (January) and Alisha later.
Thomas Fletcher and Elizabeth married and ruling the west.
She (Charlotte) would lose her sight.
Victoria uses mirrors to gain her true age (20).
Charles NOT thrilled…..especially about Charlotte’s vision of Vic marrying Randolph.
Tess now understands that Randolph had a feeling about this earlier when he was ‘distracted’.
Charles to rule during night, Tess by day.
Charles and Akiros to clear last hex (Candlemere).
Party realizes that “Grandfather” is one of The Four.

Noon Summary
Dupree and twins go to take nap.
Carter and Akiros go to oversee preparations for city tourney.
Kate, Tess, and Alisha go shopping for Victoria (now she is 20 and hidden in castle)
Ladies discuss how to handle new-aged Victoria. Agree that she should go to Lowland. Alisha suggests youngest sister Rose (18) to be Vic’s lady in waiting. Ladies spend HUGE amounts of money. Find Ut silk and invites to dinner.

Dinner Summary.
Charles dresses in fine clothing and joins group at dinner.
All there to see Victoria off.
Victoria to pretend to be visting lady so she will not out of place in Lowland.
Victoria and Dupree to travel by coach through the night.
When the two leave, Charles follows and to return before sunrise.

8th Roda, 4714
Begin – Deerborne Castle.
Tess wakes to giggling. Looking at ceiling, she notes small footprints. Her twins. Randolph had spelled their slippers with Spider Climb.
At breakfast, Charles speaks of tension in Brevoy and that there are rumors of issues in Varnhold.
Tess to entertain those who will be involved in the tourney/festival.
Akiros and Charles off to Candlemere.
Twins stat they will be Queen of the Mountain and Grasslands someday. Elizabeth attempt to talk Akiros into being her future general.

9th – 19th Roda, 4714
Tess entertains people at castle who participate in tournament and games.
She comes in 2nd in archery contest. Elven fighter from Gralton caught cheating, Randolph casts sleep on her and the guards take her away.
Charlotte takes 3rd in darts and wins pony in sack race. The festival a huge success.
Charles and Akiros make it back in time for midnight joust. Akiros wins.

21st Roda, 4714
Begin – Deerborne Castle.
Kingdom building till end of month.



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