SaintMac's Kingmaker

3rd Lamashan, 4734

Begin – Whore’s ship, Kantele River, Galt
Tess wakes and has breakfast with captain (Teb). He states that though he must be about his duties that he will send up some of the woman to keep her company. He also states that they will be making the turn north up the East Sellen River, following the River Kingdoms.
Conversation with women.
1st woman – She thinks the old King and Queen of the Stolen Lands were vampires.
2nd woman –Heard that the Queen of Deerborne is fair and doesn’t mind brothels in the city.
3rd woman – Hears Deerborne is fair and safe. Say her brother left the family to be a foot soldier for her, but something made him head east to the Blind Queen in the mountains.
Dinner with captain is small talk but friendly. He suggests that Tess walk on deck tomorrow for some fresh air.

1st Lamashan, ????

1st Lamashan, ????
Tess wakes up dizzy and having trouble focusing.
She finds herself in a small inn room similar to inn at Oleg’s, raining outside, dusk.
Perception – notes all belongings present.
Older woman, Theela, enters. Tess finds out that Theela is the innkeeper, that she is in Isarn (Galt), that the revolutions continue, Grey Gardeners are enforcers and that many have been killed.
Tess attempts to contact Charles via wedding ring, but no answer. Attempts to use blood book to contact Dupree, no answer.
Theela brings dinner and states that it is not safe for Tess to be there. Brings rugged man in his 30’s named Teb with her. Teb is a captain of a “whore’s ship”.
Tess barters for ship passage to Deerborne. Changing in raging clothes and Theela’s cloak, Teb leads Tess to his ship through the sewers.
Once on the ship and the boat moving up river in the night, Teb returns to Tess who is now in the captain’s quarters.
Teb states that he wants to know nothing of her name or past for his own safety. Expects to be in Deerborne in two weeks.
The captain creates a split in the room with a small sail over a rope stretched across room.
Tess sleeps in berth while Teb sleeps in makeshift hammock.

2th Lamashan, ????
Begin – Whore’s ship, Kantele River, Galt.
Tess has small breakfast provided by Teb. He offers her a romance novel given to him to pass the time.
When Teb leaves to his duties on deck, Tess notes the book’s print date of 4734 (20 years have somehow passed)
Dinner conversation with Teb.
Tess’s 3 daughters are queens in their own right.
Deerborne ruled by Victoria and Randolph
The east is ruled by the Blind Queen and guard by a protector (Charlotte)
The west is ruled by the King and Queen of the Grasslands (Thomas and Elizabeth). In a battle with someone.
The land is referred to as Everwind now.
Candlemere is where the mage college is. Green Wizards are trained there.
The old queen had vanished and the king is long dead. A war of some sort broke out soon after.
There is a city of elves within Everwind.
Teb is not a slave trader. The woman on board have volunteered to become “servants”.

1st Roda, 4714

1st Roda, 4714
Begin – Hex 76.
Finish 76. (100XP)

2nd – 3rd Roda, 4714
Begin – Explore 77.

4th -5th Roda, 4714
Begin – Hex 70.
Explore 70. (100XP)

6th Roda, 4714
Attack of Owlbear outside of lair.
Owlbear kills 20 soldiers.
Dead owlbear falls on Akiros. Kate revives.

7th Roda, 4714
Using teleport, party arrives in Deerborne.
Morning Discussion summary.
Charlotte tells of visions.
Randolph and Victoria together (married) .
Baby for Kate in winter (January) and Alisha later.
Thomas Fletcher and Elizabeth married and ruling the west.
She (Charlotte) would lose her sight.
Victoria uses mirrors to gain her true age (20).
Charles NOT thrilled…..especially about Charlotte’s vision of Vic marrying Randolph.
Tess now understands that Randolph had a feeling about this earlier when he was ‘distracted’.
Charles to rule during night, Tess by day.
Charles and Akiros to clear last hex (Candlemere).
Party realizes that “Grandfather” is one of The Four.

Noon Summary
Dupree and twins go to take nap.
Carter and Akiros go to oversee preparations for city tourney.
Kate, Tess, and Alisha go shopping for Victoria (now she is 20 and hidden in castle)
Ladies discuss how to handle new-aged Victoria. Agree that she should go to Lowland. Alisha suggests youngest sister Rose (18) to be Vic’s lady in waiting. Ladies spend HUGE amounts of money. Find Ut silk and invites to dinner.

Dinner Summary.
Charles dresses in fine clothing and joins group at dinner.
All there to see Victoria off.
Victoria to pretend to be visting lady so she will not out of place in Lowland.
Victoria and Dupree to travel by coach through the night.
When the two leave, Charles follows and to return before sunrise.

8th Roda, 4714
Begin – Deerborne Castle.
Tess wakes to giggling. Looking at ceiling, she notes small footprints. Her twins. Randolph had spelled their slippers with Spider Climb.
At breakfast, Charles speaks of tension in Brevoy and that there are rumors of issues in Varnhold.
Tess to entertain those who will be involved in the tourney/festival.
Akiros and Charles off to Candlemere.
Twins stat they will be Queen of the Mountain and Grasslands someday. Elizabeth attempt to talk Akiros into being her future general.

9th – 19th Roda, 4714
Tess entertains people at castle who participate in tournament and games.
She comes in 2nd in archery contest. Elven fighter from Gralton caught cheating, Randolph casts sleep on her and the guards take her away.
Charlotte takes 3rd in darts and wins pony in sack race. The festival a huge success.
Charles and Akiros make it back in time for midnight joust. Akiros wins.

21st Roda, 4714
Begin – Deerborne Castle.
Kingdom building till end of month.

17th - 30th Arodus, 4714

17th Arodus, 4714
Begin – Hex 63.
Explore rest of 63 and claims. (100XP)
No encounters
Tess talks with Randolph. He tells her that he is distracted by things at home.

18th Arodus, 4714
Begin – Hex 63.
Party explores Hex 62.
Bandit attack, but army quickly overwhelms the attack. Even Craven got a kill.
Camp half-way through Hex 62.

19th Arodus, 4714
Begin – Hex 62.
Party attacked by more bandits. Tess kills one, army the rest.
Camp on west side of hex. Claim Hex 62 (100XP)

20th Arodus, 4714
Begin – Hex 62.
Party explores Hex 61.
Camps for night halfway through.

21th Erastus, 4714
Begin – Hex 61.
Party runs into Mud Bowl (P).
Tendriculos killed. Party harvest Deathcap mushrooms.
Camp in south by Hex 67.
Claim 61 (100XP)

22nd Arodus, 4714
Begin – Hex 61.
Party explores north of 67.
By noon, party enters 68.
Camp on north section of Hex 68.

23rd Arodus, 4714
Begin – Hex 68.
Discover the Abandoned Ferry Station where the Little Sellen and the Shrike meet.
Party crosses west.
Camp south west of Hex 68.
Claim Hex 68. (100XP)

24th Arodus, 4714
Begin – Hex 68.
Explore south part of Hex 67.
Mid-day, the party runs into giant. Randolph speaks to it and friends it. Munguk looking for blue wolfberries. Tess, using her knowledge nature, knows where they grow. She sends army off to collect MANY berries. Munguk shares map showing troll lair (64).
125 XP

25th Arodus, 4714
Begin – Hex 67.
By noon, the party claims 67 (100XP)
Enters Hex 74 and camps.
Tess talks to family through ring. Charles tells of Akiros’ army taking out Troll lair but with heavy casualties. Victoria and Carter spent day at Caster’s tower and off to library in morning.

26th Arodus, 4714
Begin – Hex 74.
Morning, Montach brings down a huge stag.
No encounters during exploration.
Camp halfway through hex.

27th Arodus, 4714
Begin – Hex 74.
No encounters during exploration.
Camp on east side of 74. Claim Hex 74. (100XP)

28th Arodus, 4714
Begin – Hex 74.
Spend day exploring Hex 75 west of river.

29th Arodus, 4714
Begin – Hex 75.
Travel into 68, cross at ferry station, travel south back into 75.

30th Arodus, 4714
Begin – Hex 75.
Finish exploring Hex 75 and travel into 76.

1st – 16th Arodus, 4714

1st – 7th Arodus, 4714
Kingdom building for second month.

8th – 9th Arodus, 4714
Travel back to Deerborne.

10th Arodus, 4714
Begin – Deerborne Castle.
Charles moves into the first floor of dungeon.
Twins ride ponies.
Tess, Kate, and Victoria go shopping to furnish the first level of dungeon.
Dungeon chambers transformed into living area.

11th Arodus, 4714
Begin – Deerborne Castle.
Discussion in the group.
Akiros, with an army of 25, to conquer the southwest.
Tess to take an army to the southeast.

12th Arodus, 4714
Begin – Tess and company in Hex 55.
Find shallow ford by noon to cross Gudrin River.
By night, camp next to border of 55.

13th Arodus, 4714
Begin – 55.
Discovered Hex 56.

14th Arodus, 4714
Begin – 55.
Travel into Hex 56.
Party backtracks to ford to cross into the southern area.
By 2:00ish, around Tuskwater, see huge turtle Crackjaw and kill it.
Camp by 55

15th Arodus, 4714
Begin – Hex 55.
By early morning, finish hex 55 and claim it. (100XP)
Finish 56 and claim it. (100XP)

16th Arodus, 4714
Begin in Hex 56.
Party travels into Hex 63.
Montach’s bark alerts party to Leucrotta (Q.). Party kills.
Camp at night. Tess notes distraction from Randolph.

21st – 30th Erastus, 4714

21st – 23rd Erastus, 4714
Travel to Elven Keep (Tess, Kate, Carter, Randolph, and Akiros). Alisha follows a behind.

23rd Erastus, 4714
Arriving at keep, elven style homes have been built, cobble stone streets.
Keep rebuilt. Family reunited.
With group together inside the new central tower, Charles announces that there will be a wedding between Akiros and Alisha.
Charles gives Akiros the title of Sir and gives the command of the keep.
That night, the two are married.

24th – 30th Erastus, 4714
Begin – Elven Keep.
Kingdom building.

10th - 20th Erastus, 4714

10th Erastus, 4714
Party begins day by riding and ‘discovering’ the land north of the river.
By afternoon, Tess notes a trail that once was a road. Following the trail, the party comes to an old keep.
Tess enters through the gate and trips a trap sending the portcullis crashing down. Tess successful reflex to get out of way of the heavy iron gate, but traps her inside the walls with the rest of the party outside.
Tess catches sight of Rigg before he disappears. Remembering her True Seeing eye piece, she puts it on and able to see Rigg.
Akiros able to lift gate (perfect 20). Party rushes in. Randolph casts Glitter Dust covering Rigg.
Party kills Rigg. 600XP
Party enters tower G3, attacked by swarms of rats, Randolph kills with fireball. 300XP
With the daylight fading, the party camps away from the keep.

11th Erastus, 4714
Begin – Hex 50 outside keep.
Kate and Tess talk about Charles. Tess concerned that she will outlive Charles now that he is in a human state. Kate is under the impression that perhaps his first wife is not dead after all. If not, perhaps if he is bitten again he may return to a vampiric state. Kate that has heard that there are such people in Ustalav.
Party begins travelling back to Deerborne, arriving early on 13th

13th Erastus, 4714
Arrived at Deerborne.
Family members sit in library. Kate and Tess start a conversation with Charles about being bitten.
Kate flirts to get Charles to consider.
Charles states that he is sure his first wife is dead.
Dupree and Victoria teleport home from Restov with the aid of Randolph.
Victoria uses orb to get advice on the vampire situation. She receives info – A woman vampire heading their way.
Due to the danger of the situation, the Wellborne family spends day together.
At night a woman appears in Tess and Charles’s bedroom. Charles is bitten, he stabs the woman in the back while in embrace, killing the vampire.
Hearing the commotion, Akiros breaks in door with sword in hand. Tess yells to him not to kill Charles who is cringing on the floor. Tess goes to Charles to heal his excessive bleeding but he pushes her away, sending her across the room.
Charles hisses, and vanishes. Tess soon learns the twins were taken by him.
Using the orb and Tess’s wedding ring they learn the following.
Charlotte can speak through orb
Charles has killed his sister and her family in Wellborne.
Charles has ‘cleared’ Akiros’s family in Taldor. (Teleporting like crazy)
They (Charles and the twins) going to the abandoned keep (hex 50) and in seven days Tess can come visit.
Dupree and Victoria to come to keep in 5 days with builders.
Tess to bring rings in Charles’s chest when she comes.

14th Erastus, 4714
Begin – Deerborne Castle.
At breakfast, Tess announces that in a week’s time, they will be travelling to the keep.
Tess speaks with each member about what needs to be done.

15th – 16th Erastus, 4714
Begin – Deerborne Castle.
Preparation for travel.

17th Erastus, 4714
Begin – Deerborne Castle.
Elven Soldiers and dwarven builders leave for elven tower (keep).

18th – 19th Erastus, 4714
Begin – Deerborne Castle.
Elven families, Dupree and Victoria leave for keep.

20th Erastus, 4714
Begin – Deerborne Castle.
Prepare to leave tomorrow.

6th - 9th Erastus, 4714

6th Erastus, 4714
Begin – Witches Hut (Hex 53).
Party rides through and ‘discover’ the hex. XP100 for hex.
End of day, the party camps in forest (west side).

7th Erastus, 4714
Begin – Forest of Hex 53.
Party ride into Hex 52. No encounters.
End of day, party camps without incident.

8th Erastus, 4714
Begin – Hex 52.
Party continues to ride and explore. While traveling, sounds are heard from some nearby brush.
Mad Hermit attacks with his pet puma.
Randolph’s horse is attacked by puma.
By circling the Hermit, the party kills him. 500XP
Tess attempts to use the Wand of Healing with no success. Randolph uses it to heal the party and horse.
Tess skins the puma successfully (Puma pelt + 25XP).
Looting the hermit’s body, Kate gets a Ring of Protection +1, Tib given the master work short sword and leather amour +1.
Party finishes Hex 52 (100XP).

9th Erastus, 4714
Begin – Hex 52.
Party rides into Hex 51.
Following the Marque River, the party rides until dark into Hex 50.
At dinner, the party discusses how to ‘discover’ north of the river.

5th Erastus, 4714

Begin – Deerborne Castle.
Tess is awoken to the small face of Charlotte. Her daughter tells her not to swim across fast water and look for a shallow water passage.

Travel Party – Tess, Kate, Akiros, and Randolph.
Akiros takes his new page, Tib.
The party rides without issue in hex 46 and by noon arrive at river crossing (C. Northropple Expedition). Tess leans over to Kate and tells her what Charlotte had told her. They look for a shallow crossing.
Ride into Hex 53.
Begin to explore hex following the Lake (Tuskwater).
Soon enough, the party comes upon a small hut, surrounded by a fence. (J. The Swamp Witch).
Akiros falls under the Scarecrow’s Fascination Gaze. It is Tess and Randolph that are able to kill it.
Looking into the hut, the witch attacks, the party kills her.
Treasure – small metal box (inside coins = 1300gp), the money is given to Akiros so that he may save money for ‘future’ wedding. Randolph gets spellbook (lvl 7).
XP 900

Tess sends letter to Dupree requesting that he find a rogue for the party via Blood Book. Dupree replies “My dearest child, this is no matter at all. I will bring such a professional with me on my return.”

4th Erastus, 4714

Begin – morning at Deerborne Castle’s library.
Party wakes with a hangover. Charlotte holds Tess’s nose and pours hangover cure down Tess’s throat. Elizabeth does the same with Charles as Randolf oversees the treatment with a wry smile on his face. Once cured from the previous night’s drink, Tess and Charles go to their rooms to bathe and change for breakfast.

After breakfast, Akiros comes to the castle with longbow and quiver. He suggests that, if Tess is willing, he will teach her the rules of an archery contest that the festival will hold. With Alisha, they travel to the arena.

  • Akiros teaches the two ladies what the targets are made of and the general rules of the contest.
  • Tess tries each of the targets out with Point Blank Shot to get a feel of it.
  • They notice that there are more than a few people from the town who have come to watch.
  • Alisha and Tess practice in the same manner the contest would run.
  • On Tess’s last shot, she distracted by a small voice, Elizabeth’s, cheering her on from the stands.
  • Both Tess and Alisha do very well.

On the way back to the castle

  • Akiros talks Charles into practicing his jousting.
  • Party discusses rewards for the contest events.
    • Joust – 3000, 1500, 500gp
    • Archery – 300, 150, 50gp
    • Pie Eating – 6, 3, 1gp

A working lunch.

  • Each member, who shows to lunch, begins to help Charles clean his old plate armor.
  • More contest reward conversation
    • Axe – 300, 150, 50gp
    • Sword (on foot) – 1000, 500, 250gp
    • Horse Race – 300, 150, 50gp
    • Baking – Dinner with the Wellborns, new cookware, 1gp
    • Kids Sack Race – Pony (provided by Carter), doll or toy sword, candy. Twins to judge race.

Working the webs out of the jousting skills

  • Charles not used to weight. Meet Akiros in courtyard. Party follows in carriage.
  • Many people come to see practice
  • Party sits in royal box to watch. Carter very excited and tells family the rules of a joust.
    • 1st pass – Akiros shatters lance (1pt), Charles misses.
    • 2nd pass – Both off horses (broken stirrup for Akiros, lack of ride skill for Charles)
    • 3rd pass – Charles falls (broken stirrup)
    • 4th pass – Both horses spook and rear but riders able to hold on. Both riders miss.
    • 5th pass – Both riders able to shatter lances.
    • 6th pass – Both riders able to shatter lances.
  • Crowd very excited

Party travel back to the castle for dinner. Charles bruised. Make it an early night.


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