SaintMac's Kingmaker

19 Serenith, 4707

Follow same path to south along the Thorn River.
(K) With some little effort, party kills all (400xp)
5 bandits killed – typical loot
Kressle –
1. 2 masterwork axes 5 (1d6 + 3 / x3)
2. 4 daggers +3 (1d4
3. cure light wounds
4. studded leather
5. 85 gp
Treasure found in camp.
1. 3 tents
2. 321 sp, 90 gp
3. silver earrings (150gp value)
4. wooden music box (90gp value)
5. 3 creates of furs and hides = 150 gp value
6. polished wooden case with 8 bottles of potent greenish herbal liquor (20gp per bottle)
Camp for night.
Hex complete (100xp)

20 Serenith, 4707

Start – river camp (K)
Travel to hex with radish patch (G)
Pick 5 baskets of moon radishes.

21 Serenith, 4707

Ride toward outpost
Arrive very late
Sleep at The Boars Head Inn

22 Serenith, 4707

Start – Boars Head Inn
Tessara presents boar’s head that she took from her fight with one.
Kesten and Dupree impressed. Tessara makes decision to put over fireplace.
Kesten informs Tess that the prisoners told of Stag Lord fort on the northshore of Tuskwater Lake.
After conversation with Kesten and Dupree, Tessara agrees that to keep charter and peace, prisoners to be killed, but quickly.
Dupree and Tess have conversation about Carter and Kate. Tess is concerned about how Carter is to gather so much money.

Father hints that Tess might consider elevating the Fletcher family, but
1. Must be done tactfully as not to show obvious favoritism.
2. Dupree states that he receives 50,000gp per year himself.
3. Be aware eyes of Noble Houses are on her, even her own.
4. Tells of letter from cousin congratulating him for his adopted daughter’s new position (Tess)

Tess, Kate, and Lohan to Carter Fletcher’s shop.
Carter shows Tess, Kate, and Lohan the bolts of silk he has in stock.
Tess and Kate measured for new dresses to be made.
Tess orders 3 dresses – deep forest green, green for everyday, and pale blue.
Lohan tells Carter to add red underdress and corset.
*Lohan tells him to make the corset out of soft leather, dye it black, and fasteners of silver and markings of Wellborn’s insignia.

Kate asks Carter to pick what color he believes would be best for her.

Carter prepares to leave for Restov that day to get needed material.
Tess asks Carter to deliver letter to the Duke of Wellborn for her.

Dupree tells Tess that he is to order the building of a coach befitting her current and future status.
Tess and Kate witness their father pay Lohan for sleeping with a lady of entertainment to keep up apperances.

Total xp = 100 for letter and role-play

23-24 Serenith, 4707

Start at the Boar’s Head Inn
Travel to hex with (P.)

25 Serenith, 4707

Lohan suggests that perhaps a school of magic might be nice once settled. Tess agrees.
Battle with Tuskgutter. Party kills boar and takes head (400xp)

26 Serenith, 4707

Start in hex with (P.)
Finish hex 100xp
Enter Boggart area (O.)
Meet Garuum. Although attempted diplomacy, it fails and the party attacks and kills. 100xp
Searching through Garuum’s stash they find.
1. 210 gp
2. chunk of iolite (50gp)
3. a deep green spinal (90gp)
4. shard of blue quartz (25gp)
5. leather armor
6. morningstar +5

Party travels east and camps along the western banks of the Skunk river.

27 - 29 Serenith, 4707

27 Serenith, 4707
Crossing river, Lohan slips into river but is able to swim to side.
By noon, the party finishes hex (100xp)
They travel through the rest of the day and camp.

28 Serenith, 4707
Party runs into statue of Erastil (N.) Kate tells them who the statue is of.
They continue to travel and complete hex (100xp)
By nightfall, the party is well into the marshes.

29 Serenith, 4707
Party continues to explore and completes hex (100xp)

30 Serenith, 4707

Travelling all morning in the marshes. By noon, they happen upon the dead unicorn (T).
Tess notes missing horn. Kate can tell that it was removed after it was killed. Using talk to dead, the only information they receive is “Feels bad – wrong” and “Purest corrupted beauty”.
With the aid of Lohan, Kate tells all that it was killed with the spell ‘finger of death’
They continue travel to the east and by nightfall, camp and complete hex (100xp)

1 - 7 Erastus, 4707

1 Erastus, 4707
Travel east to Stunk River edge and turn north.
Run into Tatzlwrym pair (U). Awesome rolls and able to kill pair before dying. (400xp)
Tresure – 23gp, 40sp, 243cp

2 Erastus, 4707
By morning travels, party completes hex(100xp)
Travelling all day.
In evening, Lohan slips. Tess grabs him before he falls into pit with thylacine (V).
Party kills, Tess gets (200xp for the kill)

3 Erastus, 4707
Party completes hex (100xp)
Rides for home. (takes 2 days)

5 Erastus, 4707
Party arrives by noon to the Outpost.
Tess gives Vekkel the head of Tuskgutter for reward.
Reward – masterwork bow, 6 +1 animal bone arrows
(end of play)

5 Erastus, 4707 cont
Duke of Wellborn gives letter to Tess from Swordlords speaking of new charter once the Stag Lord is killed.
She must prove the death either by sending body back or the Duke must verify.
She would recieve 5,000gp.
Carter introduces she younger sister Alisha (14, female, human) to Tess.
Duke offers to attack fort of Stag Lord with Tess and party.
The Duchesses’ new coach has arrived, The Duke shows Tess all the cool things it has.
Dresses for Tess and Kate shown.

6 Erastus, 4707
Begin at outpost.
Tess agrees to take on Alisha as Lady in Waiting.
Kestan wishes to go along to attack on Stag Lord fort, Tess agrees.
Party travels to goldmine and camps.

7 Erastus, 4707
Begin – Gold mine
Travel to and cross bridge north of Stag Lord fort hex and camp.
Duke and Lohan suggest attacking at night due to their numbers.
Tess and Duke take stroll and sit by Strike river for a small talk.


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