SaintMac's Kingmaker

7 – 9 Serenith, 4707

Ride back to Outpost with prisoners.

By nightfall of the 9th, the party reaches the outpost.
Turnover prisoners to Kesten
Ladies of entertainment seen in tavern.
Party crashes for the night.

10 Serenith, 4707

Tess opens letter and gift from Duke of Wellborn

_My Dear Baroness Tessara Lebeda of the Stolen Lands,

It is with unquestionable humility that I thank you for your kind reception and the hospitality shown to me upon my visit to your growing lands. To be able to take a small part in the celebration of your accent ion was undoubtedly a day that I will reflect upon with smile and favor.

My dear lady, there can be no doubt that the lands you possess will prosper under your just and intelligent rule.

Your humble servant,
The Duke of Wellborn _

Ride to edge of forest and spend night.
No encounters.

11 Serenith, 4707

Start-Forest edge
Travel into forest.
Tessara tracks wild boar, battles boar. Takes boar’s head for inn. 500xp for solo battle.
Bath in Thorn River.
Tyg-Titter-Tut and Perlivash show nest (B.)
Hex complete (100xp)

12 Serenith, 4707

Start – Forest
Kate tells Tessara of their father demands before allowed to marry Carter Fletcher.
1. 100,000 gp
2. Provide home of their own
3. Must stay in Stolen Lands.

Party finds Preegs body (E.) and learn that it was Perlivash had cut the rope to cause death of man.
Tessara finds nice axe (masterwork) estimated value of 25gp.
Tess asks Lohan to appraise gift from the Duke of Wellborn.
1. ear rings – 8,000 gp
2. total heal potion – unknown value
Hex completed (100xp)

13 Serenith, 4707

Start- Forest of hex with (E)
Travel west.
Meet trapper that speaks of giant frogs at the end waters of the Skunk River.
At night, camp. Kate writes in journal. Lohan writes in Pain Journal, notes Tessara writing in journal.
Lohan teases Tess for not having a magical pen.
Hex complete (100xp)

14 Serenith, 4707

No encounters
Hex complete (100xp)

15 Serenith, 4707

Riding south into hex.
No encounters, long ride to forest edge next to hex with (I).
Lohan and Tessara talk about proper edict and that she needs to dress the part of Baroness.
Offers to talk to Carter for Tessara for 3 dresses to be made for 1,000 gp, but she will still have
To be there to be fitted.
Hex complete (100xp)

16 Serenith, 4707

Start – on forest edge.
Travel into forest.
Encounter with two giant frogs (I) at the end waters of the Skunk River.
Tessara grappled and bit, then body slammed before party can kill last one off.
Hex complete (100xp)

17 Serenith, 4707

Travel deeper into forest.
Spot owlbear but leave alone, it travels south.
Come upon temple ruins (J – Temple of the Elk).
Bear killed. (220xp)
Kate suggests to make a proper place of healing someday.
Water is blessed.
Hex complete (100xp)

18 Serenith, 4707

Travel into hex with (K-Thorn River Camp)
Follow path all day to the north and camp


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