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26 - 27 Erastus, 4707

26 Erastus, 4707
Sleep till noon.
Lady-in-waiting (Alisha) wakes couple up.
Victoria with her.
Victoria gives their (Charles and her) gift to Tess – Large gray wolf – animal companion for Tess.
Tess names wolf Montash
Tess/Charles talk and agree that Kate and Carter should move into the castle with them, giving the house in “Oleg’s” to the Fletcher family.
Travel to “Deerborn” castle (previous location of Stag Lord’s Fort)
Victoria travels with Kate and Carter.

26-27 Erastus, 4707
Travel toward Deerborn.
Akiros tavels with massive wagon train. Has 15 soldiers.

25 Erastus, 4707

Wake to Lady-in-waiting.
Svet insists on breakfast.
Oleg happy.
Heard that there is some building to the south by Dupree.
Letter from Swordlords congratulating Tess of her upcoming wedding.
Gift – Massive table (seats 30)
Family arrives at noon in several coaches.
Carter’s family arrives.
Charles and daughter Victoria come a bit later in several coaches.
Tess and Charles at inn. Wedding gifts presented.
1. Fletcher family – 10 gowns for Tess, several for Victoria.
2. Wellborn and Brevry noble families – 10 BP to kingdom treasury.
3. Silver Hall and Dupree – pay for castle.
4. Dupree
a. Gives Tess – Glass eyepiece of True Seeing, Ring of Protection +3.
b. Gives Charles – Silver Pitcher of Ever Vintage, Ring of Protection.
5. Lohan
a. Gives Tess – Leomund’s Hidden Lodge (20×20)(blends with surrounding), Tablet and Pen of
b. Gives Charles – Ring of Storing, Condom of EverClean.
6. Kate
a. Gives Tess – Map Case of Sending (paired to Charles’s), Potion of True Res (for her only), Corset of Rapture (white lace,silk,and leather), Bed of Peace (special).
b. Gives Charles – Map Case of Sending (paired to Tess’s), Potion of True Res(for him only),Small case of 12 vials of her blood.

Agree to wed that night.
Turns into double wedding (Kate and Carter) on Dupree’s insistance.
Dupree gives house to Kate and Carter.
Crowned Duke and Duchess of Greenbelt.
*wedding night

21-24 Erastus, 4707

Notices in flux of new people in area.
Tess notices Lilly.
Night – Charles whispers.
Lohan and Kate with him.
Night raptures each night.

20 Erastus, 4707

Tess wakes to knock from Lady-in-waiting.
Kate left note that she had to go wedding shopping. Taking Dupree and Lohan. Will be back in 3 days.
Arikos and Tess go for walk and view house being built next to inn.
He tells Tess of seeing surveyors traveling south.
Speaks of Lilly the new barmaid.
Night – Charles whispers to Tess through ring.
Grandfather visited him. GF spoke with Victoria for some time.
Played cards and drank fine wine.
Night Rapture.

14-19 Erastus, 4707

Duke and Carter leave for Restov.
Kesten and Arikos ask how guards are to be devided.
Tess says
Arikos takes 5 and uses the outpost as temp fort.
Craven takes 5 for patrols inside land.
Kesten takes 25 and patrols the boarders.
Tess looks at possible first hexes to bring in with advice from family.

19 Erastus, 4707
Tess decides that first hexes will be 5,6,7.
Carter and Duke return.
Carter tells that family will not move to lands.
Population starting to grow.
Duke and Tess take stroll to farmlands. Tess ignores Duke’s flirt.
Duke leaves
Tess hunts. Shoots huge buck.
Typical dinner.
Begin to crash for the night.
Tess wishes Duke back.
Knock at door, Lohan, comes to talk.
Tess says she wants Charles (Duke) back. Lohan says that he thinks Charles is a vampire as he had taken the Duke’s handercheif to scry with. Tells that the Duke has been scrying with use of Tess’s letters.
Kate gets mixed feelings as he does not seem to be undead. Asks Tess how she feels about him. Tess states that she is falling in love.
Kate kicks everyone but Tess out of room.
Using gift from Lohan, Kate places item on floor and checks to see if being scryed. They are by the Duke.
Kate asks Duke if he would be willing to travel by light. He agrees. Lohan to come in room to help with Consentration roll.
Duke and young daughter (?) of 4 years appear in room.
Brief introductions (Tess and little girl)
Tess asks Lady-in-waiting to come in and take little girl into another room to lay down.
Conversation info
Handerchief belong to father, so Lohan scrying past memories and not himself.
Father made spawn by mother(vampire).
Wife killed when bitten by other vamp after birth of daughter.
Believes sister-in-law wants his daughter to control his barony.
Is 135 years old. Has not stopped aging but slows to elven level.
Duke declares love for Tess.
Dupree and Lohan and Kate leave.
Duke proposes, Tess accepts. Duke give Tess old but beautiful ring. Gives two rapture kisses.
Duke – Charles will return at the end of month, but feels a house is in order instead of inn/brothel for daughter’s sake. Tess agrees.
Charles declares to go and put things in order and return with daughter at beginning of month.
Lohan aids Charles and daughter to return to Brevry.
Tess learns that Dupree is really her father. Mother no longer living. She had been living with mother’s mom.
Night Rapture. Kate caught in range. 
Later that night, visited by “Gandfather”.
He gives Tess “Crown of Truth” and the match to Charles for wedding gift.

11-13 Erastus, 4707

11-12 Erastus, 4707
Begin – Nettle’s bridge
Ride to outpost.
Arrive at midnight.

13 Erastus, 4707
Alisha wakes Tess and Kate.
Bath/Dress and go down stairs to find..
Dupree, Lohan, and Duke dressed very nicely.
Tess signs new charter.
Baroness Tess permits the Fletcher family to sell and settle in her new lands.
Lohan takes leave for 7 days. (*return on 20th, same day as the Duke and Carter)
(play ends)

13 Erastus, 4707 cont.
Tess sits down with Dupree to discuss future roles and the people who might fill them.
Roles are filled.
Duke and Tess take stroll.
Formal dinner for subjects.
200xp role-play

8 - 10 Erastus, 4707

8 Erastus, 4707
Begin – by Shrike river bridge
At noon, the party starts for fort to arrive at night.
Arrive at fort at night.
Lohan disguises voice to gain interance.
Arkios Jsmort is summoned to by guards to check out new comers.
Arkios notes chance to rebell and takes it.
*huge battle at fort…..Kesten and Kate almost die.
After conquering the fort, they camp there.
1,080 xp for battle, 100 xp for Hex, find tons of stuff.
Crash that night. Tess, Kate, and Lohan have bad dream about Nettles. “Bring him to me” echos in dreams.

9 Erastus, 4707
Begin at Stag Lord Fort.
Akiros speaks of and shows way to cellar.
*Cellar battle. 200xp per.
Tresure amounts to 1,849gp each

10 Erastus, 4707
Begin at Stag Lord Fort.
Duke and Kesten ride for Outpost.
Kate, Arkiros, Lohan and Tess ride to Sootscale Cavern.
*Battle with TarTuk – defeat him 300xp
Tess gives statue to Chief Sootscale, leaves all money, and offers treaty. 500xp
Ride for Nettles
By evening party arrives at bridge. Dumps body of Stag Lord into river to awaiting Nettles.
Recieve Nettle’s stuff.
Crash that night.
100 for hex.

1 - 7 Erastus, 4707

1 Erastus, 4707
Travel east to Stunk River edge and turn north.
Run into Tatzlwrym pair (U). Awesome rolls and able to kill pair before dying. (400xp)
Tresure – 23gp, 40sp, 243cp

2 Erastus, 4707
By morning travels, party completes hex(100xp)
Travelling all day.
In evening, Lohan slips. Tess grabs him before he falls into pit with thylacine (V).
Party kills, Tess gets (200xp for the kill)

3 Erastus, 4707
Party completes hex (100xp)
Rides for home. (takes 2 days)

5 Erastus, 4707
Party arrives by noon to the Outpost.
Tess gives Vekkel the head of Tuskgutter for reward.
Reward – masterwork bow, 6 +1 animal bone arrows
(end of play)

5 Erastus, 4707 cont
Duke of Wellborn gives letter to Tess from Swordlords speaking of new charter once the Stag Lord is killed.
She must prove the death either by sending body back or the Duke must verify.
She would recieve 5,000gp.
Carter introduces she younger sister Alisha (14, female, human) to Tess.
Duke offers to attack fort of Stag Lord with Tess and party.
The Duchesses’ new coach has arrived, The Duke shows Tess all the cool things it has.
Dresses for Tess and Kate shown.

6 Erastus, 4707
Begin at outpost.
Tess agrees to take on Alisha as Lady in Waiting.
Kestan wishes to go along to attack on Stag Lord fort, Tess agrees.
Party travels to goldmine and camps.

7 Erastus, 4707
Begin – Gold mine
Travel to and cross bridge north of Stag Lord fort hex and camp.
Duke and Lohan suggest attacking at night due to their numbers.
Tess and Duke take stroll and sit by Strike river for a small talk.

30 Serenith, 4707

Travelling all morning in the marshes. By noon, they happen upon the dead unicorn (T).
Tess notes missing horn. Kate can tell that it was removed after it was killed. Using talk to dead, the only information they receive is “Feels bad – wrong” and “Purest corrupted beauty”.
With the aid of Lohan, Kate tells all that it was killed with the spell ‘finger of death’
They continue travel to the east and by nightfall, camp and complete hex (100xp)

27 - 29 Serenith, 4707

27 Serenith, 4707
Crossing river, Lohan slips into river but is able to swim to side.
By noon, the party finishes hex (100xp)
They travel through the rest of the day and camp.

28 Serenith, 4707
Party runs into statue of Erastil (N.) Kate tells them who the statue is of.
They continue to travel and complete hex (100xp)
By nightfall, the party is well into the marshes.

29 Serenith, 4707
Party continues to explore and completes hex (100xp)


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