SaintMac's Kingmaker

3rd Erastus, 4714

Tess is awoken by her twin 6-year-olds. Charlotte tells her that Fletchers have return to Deerborne.
Looking out the window, she sees not only the coach holding the Fletcher family, but many over burdened wagons in the courtyard. After meeting them outside, Akiros and Alisha go for a walk while the others go inside.

Turning over a new leaf

  • Carter tells Duke and Duchess that his mother has decided to remain in Restov.
  • They have sold all properties and most of the family assets. The wagons they see in the courtyard contain all the fine silks, linens, and lace they have kept to continue the family’s well known garment working.
  • Carter’s youngest sister, now 16, has decided to live with them.
  • Kate requests that they are able to purchase the noble villa beside the castle so that they may be closer to the Duke and Duchess. Tess gives it to them.
  • Kate’s holds all the gold from the sell of the Fletcher family’s assets. Charles takes it from her and he and Carter go down to the castle vaults to safely store the riches.

While the men are gone, Kate tells Tess she and Alisha bought Akiros plate armor, but can not give it to him without rumor and intrigue following it.

  • Tess suggests that they hide this fact by offering it to Akiros as a gift from the Duke and Duchess. Kate agrees but there are obvious markings on the armor that show it was from Restov.
  • They have the armor taken to the smithy, but he is unable to heat the metal to a point where he can work out the markings.
  • Tess and Kate go to see Randolf to see if he is able to help the smithy. The women pry out of Randolf that he has slept with Lilly the night before. He is embarrassed and not willing to help. Kate asks Tess to turn away. When she does, Kate flashes her breasts to Randolf, catching him off guard to cast charm. Randolf goes and helps the smithy.

At dinner, the party discusses ideas for the festival set for Roda.

  • Jousting, pie eating, milking, tree cutting, baking contest, axe throwing, horse racing, barrel racing, and an archery contest are suggested.

The wine that could.

  • After dinner, the members move into the library, where the Duke presents the armor to Akiros.
  • Talk of how to find people who could joust comes up. As of now, there is only Akiros and Charles (a long time ago) who have done such a thing. The party talks the reluctant Charles into agreeing to participate. Carter comes up with the idea that perhaps Dupree, now in Restov, could offend and goad some middle-talented men in that city to come and participate.
  • After many failed fortitude checks verses the strong wine, talk become dangerously loose. Alisha and Akiros only sober.
  • Kate blurts out that Randolf and Lilly have slept together. Alisha begins to laugh with her sister.
  • Akiros and Alisha quickly find an excuse to leave the room and situation.
  • History of Charles’ accidental pre-engagement rapture spell catching Kate in the range, then she having to flash Randolf to get him to help comes out.
  • Carter, very drunk, says that it is not correct for 3 men having seen his wife’s breast. Charles tells Tess to flash her breasts at Carter to even ‘the score’. She does.
  • The party essentially passes out in the library.
2nd Erastus, 4714

The family rests and relaxes all day, while the town is abuzz with talk of the previous day’s festival.

1st Erastus, 4714

After breakfast, Tess gives Montash a much-needed bath.

At the dart festival

  • Barrel roll race – Charles gives the winner and participants gold pieces.
  • The dart competition – After the final round a short, round, male baker and a slim elven seamstress throw against the twins. Elizabeth wins first prize (a pie with an arrow figure on top). Charles gives the others a gold piece.
  • Elizabeth walks down the streets with her pie held regally in front of her, showing everyone her award and repeats over and over “I have won THE pie” in a small noble voice.
  • At the library, many are there to hear the head librarian read a fable. Charlotte loves it.
  • Tess hears talk from the people about their meeting at the arena to see some magic at night.
  • When the sun begins to sink, the people make their way to the arena, sit and await the show. When its quite dark, each torch is magically extinguished and Randolf makes his way (covered in a white light like a spotlight) to the center. He warns everyone that this show is perfectly safe then the light goes out. The magically illiterate are entertained with Dancing Lights, the arena torches set ablaze and extinguished at different intervals, and a massive fireball falling from the sky, held above the arena, changing colors, rotating, and then dissipating. The crowd loves it and cheers and chats of Randolf’s name are heard in the arena.
30th Sarenith, 4714

Start – morning – Deerborne
Tess wakes inquires from lady-in-waiting (Liddia) where her husband is. Liddia tells the duchess that he is in the castle library. Tess enters the library and sees Charles, Kate, and Carter. She notes that Carter is wearing a black armband that tells her that someone in his family has died. Carter tells Tess that his father has passed and that they (Carter, Kate, Alisha, and his mother) are returning to Restov with his father’s body for a funeral. Carter expects to return on the 3rd of Erastus.

Charles suggests that, since Kate is gone, that they might create a dart tournament at the Stag Head Tavern. Tess agrees with the idea to get the twins out and about AND to make it a trial run for her idea of a festival in Roda (September). Tess and Charles take the twins out for a walk about town and to spread the news of this idea. It quickly escalates into a city festival.

  • Tess is able to find 8 bards and 3 acrobat troops to agree to play/perform in the streets and marketplace.
  • A few bakers agree to sell small pies. Charles insists that there will be no mark-up cost.
  • Charles, traveling to the brewery, is able to get the workers to have a beer garden.
  • Akiros suggests that perhaps those of petty crimes in the jail might work off their jail time by picking up trash.
  • The guildhall agrees to promote this festival idea to its members and commits vending stalls.
  • The city’s main library offers a storytelling time for children and for those who aren’t able to read.
  • The members of the academy offer to judge the dart competition.
  • The dockworkers wish to have a barrel race, just to have a bit of fun.
  • A vendor gives the girls some fine lace ribbon for luck in the tournament.
  • At dinner, Akiros tells the Duke and Duchess that the security for tomorrow’s festival is in place. Randolf is told that he is in charge of some sort of fireworks display for the Roda festival.
29th Sarenith, 4714

Party rides directly for home, reaching the castle late in the night.

27th –28th Sarenith, 4714

The party begins it exploration of Hex 49. By the afternoon of the 28th, Kate and Akiros note a crack in the side of a mound.
F. Lonely Barrows.

  • Kate senses evil as they enter the cavern. The odor of amonia is strong. The source of the stench is quickly relized as the part is attacked by swarming bats (F1). The party overcomes the adventure with Randolf’s fireballs and Kate’s healing. (300xp)
  • F2. Central Chamber.
    Tess notices that the skelton in the center of the room is wearing a ring. Tess and Kate note that this area is a trapped area and the carved stone faces have something to do with it, but do not know how it could be disarmed. Tess believes that they should huge the walls as they move in this area.
  • F3/F4 Crypts Area.
    12 skeleton attacks, Tess runs. Kate blasts them. All but Tess get 100xp. Akiros gathers broken chain mail and broken swords (12 of each).
  • F5. The Warrior’s Tomb
    Through Kate’s bless spells and Akiros going blow to blow, the warrior is defeated. (600xp) The party agrees that Akiros should keep the +2 fey bane bastard sword. Randolf mends the sword and Kate blesses.

After traveling a few more hours, hex 49 is completed. (100xp)

26th Sarenith, 4714

Party finishes exploring Hex 48 (100xp)
Camps for night on eastern border of this hex.

25th Sarenith, 4714

E. On the Prowl (Hex 48)
The party easily cuts through the wolves and distroys the worg. Tess attempts to skin the animals, distroying all but the worg’s pelt and claws. Randolf burns the remains of the wolves.
710xp each for battle.
Tess given 10xp on skinning success and a +1 in future attempts. Gains huge worg pelt and 6 claws from her skinning.
The party continues to explore hex.

24th Sarenith, 4714

In the morning, Charles tells Tess of the wanted posters and rumours he saw and heard around Akiros’ office. He tells her of a worg called Howl-of-the-North-Wind. Tess wishes to go settle the matter. Charles states that he would like to spend time with their twins and that Akiros would be more than willing to go with her.

Adventuring party – Tess, Akiros, Kate, Randolf. (CR6)
The party rides east in Hex 48. During the ride, Tess asks Akiros about his timeframe for asking Alisha to mary. Through his loyalty to his duchess (and a lucky roll of diplomacy), Akiros states that it is his people’s custom to wait several years. In addition to this, he adds that he would need both land and money to be able to get the blessing of her father. Kate suggests that she, given her marriage in the Fletcher family, could help, but Akiros politly refuses stressing that it would not be the proper way of doing it (as in not a manly way). Half way through the hex, they make camp. At night, Kate talks Randolf of making her a man once again so she can experience peeing as a man. He reluctantly agrees. Kate almost pees on Tess as she attempts to draw in the dirt.

23rd of Sarenith, 4714

Tess is woken by twins and Charles’ snoring.
Breakfast with other NPCs.
Charles tells of how he is slowly getting use to shaving again.

Shopping in Deerborne.

  • Tess decides that she needs to improve her adventuring gear and goes shopping with Kate and Alisha. She is able to find and buy Elven chain and a +3 sword.
  • While buying the armor, Kate tells Alisha about their fight with the scythe tree.
  • Alisha tells the women that Lilly wants something of elven craftsmanship. She is told that there is an elven ruin in the southern part of the Narlmarches. Lilly will trade her dead father’s Cloak of Protection.
  • Alisha tells Tess that there are night games at the arena run by members of the black market.
  • At the fletcher’s shop, Tess buys 16 fire arrows (70gp/per) and 5 sleep arrows (132gp/per). They are able to find out a little more about the night games at the arena from the storeowner. He states that there is a 10gp cost to get in, the games are at midnight, the crowd is keep quiet, and the guards at the gates do not allow women or children in.
  • Alisha asks Tess what the “Stag Club” is. Tess is not aware of it. They go to the tavern to ask Lilly about it. When entering the tavern, they see Tess’s younger daughters standing on a table throwing darts at a dartboard. There are stacks of coins on the table showing that betting is going on. Tess sees Dupree and is not happy. Having Alisha take the two girls back to the castle, Tess grills Dupree for answers. He explains that he was only spending a bit of time with the girls before he is transported back to Victoria in Brevoy. Tess forces him to speak about the Stag Club which he discribes as a small club of wealthy or influenctial men who talk about local issues and possible ways the city might be improved. Dupree comments that he knows of the dog races at the arena.
  • Tess and Kate speak to Akiros. He tells them that the club is a private (exclusive) men’s club that was started by Dupree. Members wear the old Stag Lord’s medalions. Ask about how the Arena might better used, he would much prefer legitament tourneys. He believes them to be something special and not just gladiator style matches. Akiros points out that they can be very profitable for a realm and it appeases the lower classes as much as it does for the noble families.

At dinner, Tess suggests that perhaps a tourney during the festival in Roda (Sept). Although starting small, it could grow into a large and popular event. They agree that a archery contest in the arena would be best to start with.

After dinner the party moves into the library. Tess, Kate, and Alisha want to go see the events at midnight at the arena. Randolf polymorphs the three into men of different ages and condition. For protection, Charles and Randolph go invisible and guide them through the process of betting. At the event, several participants are mamed or killed. Later, the ladies are changed back, but Kate bothered by the fact she did not get a chance to see what it would be like to pee.


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