SaintMac's Kingmaker

23 Desnus, 4707

Travel back to Oleg’s Outpost

22 Desnus, 4707

Locate and enter (r.) Old Sycamore. Kill mites. Rescue Mikmek.
Fall into chasm with Centepede. Kill creature but no before Mikmek is kill by centepede.
Discover kolbold idol and kill all the mites.
Bury Mikmek at base of tree outside. Lohan enscribes “Hero of Old Sycamore” into tree as hero marker. (600xp)
Hex competed (100xp)

21 Desnus, 4707

Battle at the River Crossing (x.). Seven bandits crushed. 300xp. 2 horses kept. Map noting that this is were the Thorn to the west meets the deeper Shrike river from the east.
Hex completed.

20 Desnus, 4707

Find Thorn river and cross (q.) Ricky Bridge with no problems.
Find Fangberries (w.). Spiders swarm. Tessara splashes Alchem Fire. Crit misses setting brother on fire. Lohan, pissed, fireballs ticket.
Lohan tells Tessara that he misses the city.
Hex completed.

19 Desnus, 4707

Timothy the stage driver and John the baker show at Outpost. These men are from Restov, Carter’s family servents that asked permission to follow Carter.
Party travels to the south.
Hidden Mine (l.) found – Cave with walls that sparkel.
Hex completed.

18 Desnus, 4707

Beginning at the outpost.
The 8 laborers from Restov arrive at Outpost.
Tessara and Kate confirm Svet is preg. Requests Dupree send for a midwife from one of the cities.

And so it began....

Having not taken better care of all the notes and scribles documenting this campaign, I lost all these wonderful stories in a system refreash. Now that I’ve put that behind me, we catch up to the story at hand and find our small party adventuring into the Stolen Lands several months later. To keep this all in mind the following is a list of notables for both GM and players alike.

At this point, Tessara, Catherine and Lohan have been the make up of the adventuring party. Their father, Dupree, has stayed behind to oversee building up the outpost and his require inn. The party has mapped the northern section of the map and has made ventures further down south into Kamelands.

Key locations discovered.
H. Spider’s nest
G. Radish Patch
L. Mine
Q. Rickety Bridge
R. The Old Sysamore
W. Fangberry Thicket
X. River Crossing

Before Kesten, Craven was sent with three young guards to protect the Outpost. Once Kesten arrived, Craven was made sergent and Kesten captain.
Several farming families have travelled to the Outpost. Land given to the north by Tessara.
Carter Fletcher, Kate’s secret love, has come to the outpost per Dupree’s request. Although a merchant buy trade, he is very handy at archetecture much to the joy of Dupree.
Laborers sent to forest edge to provide lumber.
Additional soilders arrive. Craven made sergent, Kesten made Captain.
Tessara and Catherine help Svet confirm she is preg.
The inn has been built.
Idol found in mite’s cave under the old sycamore. The kolbald Mikmec laid to rest at base of tree with hero’s inscription.
Dupree very interested in the report of the old mine.
Tessara and party agree to offer Svet a position of cook at the inn. This is happily agreed to.
Carter to travel back to Restov in an attempt to recruit friends to come to the Stolen Lands. Estimated travel of a week.
Party discusses options for modifying Oleg’s Outpost for shops in place of stables.

Going to fug the dates on the post of the following so that I can get them in the right order


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