SaintMac's Kingmaker

3 Serenith, 4707

Beginning: Outpost

Travel to the west to explore land. Phillip the guard travels with party. One bandit killed. Party makes it to forest edge before camping for night.

2 Serenith, 4707

Beginning: Outpost, Inn
Carter tells of trip. Visited by SwordLords representative. Given letter to be delivered to Tessara and party not to travel past the half mark of their charter due to current events. Carter told that he may not “recruit” businesses from Restov.

Duke of Welborn returns with Carter. Perception shows = (Human, late 30’s, male, goatee, brown hair with some graying, pulled back, brown eyes, wearing riding cloak, signet ring.) High Charisma.

Tessara made Baroness of the Stolen Lands. Title to change later when all has been controlled and events to north change.

Party at Outpost.
20xp Role-play

1 Sarenith, 4707

Enter the hex, by afternoon the party discovers hut. This is Bokken’s Hut (d.)
Meet old fidgty Bokken.
Mentions brother hitting mother. Brother cut off his pinky finger. Kill him if the party runs into him. Brother lives in a log. Bokken knows Levingons. Mentions he’s from Rostland.
100xp for Hex.
Ride through the night back to inn.
Notes that Carter’s store is built across from inn.
Party sleeps at the “Boar’s Head Inn”

30 Desnus, 4707

Ride north into the tall grasslands.
No run-in.
100xp for Hex

29 Desnus, 4707

Ride through the area to the pre-discovered eastern hex.

28 Desnus, 4707

Starting Point: North of Nettles Crossing.
Reach Forgotten Cashe (m.) by afternoon.
Tessara finds loose ground, dig to find treasure.
Tresure id-ed by Lohan and appraise by Dupree.
Masterwork dagger
Wand of Burning Hands – CL 2, 4 charges.
Ring – Silver, 75gp
Book – Spellbook ruined for most part. Readable spells: id, mage armour, reduce person, silent image, unseen servent. Est value (200gp)
Riding northward. Hear roar in sky. Perception shows it is a dragon miles away circling far to the east. It disreguards party.
100 xp Hex
Tessara levels to 3

27 Desnus, 4707

Starting Point: Old Sycamore.
Travel to Nettle’s Crossing (s.) to the east.
Meet Nettles, make oath to throw Stag Lord into the Strike river at this crossing.
100 xp for finishing hex.

26 Desnus, 4707

Starting point: 10 miles north of the caves
Battle with 9 bandits. Lohan fireballs 6, Tessara drops bandit attacking Kesten, Kesten almost dies but Kate heals, Dupree holds then attacks twice to finish off encounter.
Encounter yields 9x bandit weapons & armour, 3 horses, 90gp, total 5xp.
Tessara gets general local of where the Stag Lord is from dead bandit, Lohan and Tessara pile corpses and burn.
Party rides to cave. Dupree and Kesten id walls to have gold. Decide that this info needs to stay within the party. Not sure how the Swordlords react.
Party rides to Old Sycamore to camp for evening.

25 Desnus, 4707

At Outpost
Carter agrees to return to Restov to recruit friends for future devlopement of Outpost and Stolen Lands. Will return in a week’s time.
Agreement that Outpost’s stables to be turned into shop stalls.
Carter sets plans to build small shop building across from inn in hopes that this will entice friends to see value of setting up in area. Dupree agrees that the laborers will begin immediately. *need to select/create layout.
Agreement that inn should have stable for visitors. *layout to be created.
Carter to leave using Timothy’s stage coach in morning.

Starting spot: Outpost
Carter leaves for Restov
Party rides south to show Dupree and Kesten cave found earlier.
No run-ins
Party camps 10 miles north of cave.
Discussion around the campfire that night is about what name the inn at the outpost should have.
Suggestions by Tessara were
Boar’s Head
Dragon’s Heart
Stars Hollow

Dupree suggests “Wayward Whore”.
Kesten suggests “Nipple’s Tip”
Kate suggests “Raven’s Perch”
Lohan suggests “Bastard’s Bed”

Tessara decides it will be known as the Boar’s Head Inn.

24 Desnus, 4707

Arrive in morning to outpost.
Note that inn has been completed. *using Paizo Flipmap Tavern as layout
Rooms at inn choosen.
In afternoon new arrivals. Vail Huron(blacksmith) and Thain Goodheart (alchemist) from Silverhall.


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