Oleg Leventon


Current Treasurer
Married: Svetlana Leventon
Children: 1 son
Living in Wellington


Oleg (human, male, aged 30) with wife Sevelana (human, female, age 17) moved to the lower reaches of Brevory to set up an outpost for trappers and traders in the Stolen Lands. Oleg is a gruff but fair man wanted away from the busy cities, while his young wife is very kind in nature and misses the sights and sounds of town. The pair had dire trouble with bandits in the area and often were victums of bodily harm or theft. When the adventuring party was able to protect them and provided them with a life that seemed back to normal, Oleg warmed up to them.

Oleg is currently the Tresurer to the Stolen Lands under the rule of the Duke and Duchess.

Oleg Leventon

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