General Kesten Garess


General of the Army of the Stolen Lands under the rule of the Duke and Duchess
Married: no
Children: none
Currently posted out of Deerborne


Kesten is a human male fighter of 30 years. He is from a noble house but was caught by his family for falling in love with a lowborn woman. At a rather young age, he was disowned for the act and forced to make his own way in the world. Finding he was quite talented with a sword, Kesten joined the military. When the opportunity arose for him to lead small troop of guards to the outpost, he jumped at the chance.

Kesten is depressive in nature, but has found the open air of the Stolen Lands to be to his liking. With the additional guards that Dupree has retained, he was made “Captain” and takes the subject seriously. Having said that, his growing friendship with Dupree through similar pasts and strong drink, has made him notably in better spirits.

General Kesten Garess

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