Catherine Elizabeth Victoria (Lebeda) Fletcher


Female half-elf Cleric 5
High Priestess of Caliban (the Stolen Lands) under the rule of the Duke and Duchess.
Married: Carter Fletcher
Children: 1 son
Currently living in Silver Grove


Catherine (or Kate) was born in a small village in Brevoy. She appears to be 19 in human years, 5 foot 5, 120 pounds, brown hair with violet eyes, and if seen without her hood one would find her very beautiful. Many find her very quiet and often kept under hood and cape. She is the illegitimate daughter of Dupree Lebeda. Kate lost her mother at a young age and spent the rest of her years with Dupree. She has witnessed many battles in the years she has ridden with her father. Dupree, not being the best of fatherly figures, has not noted that he has not raised her in a proper environment believing that all the travelling is good for her. This tension can often be noticed in their discussions.

Catherine has the gift of healing but also an unusual gift of speaking with the dead. This gift takes it toll when enacted in both pain and in a physical appearance of her left hand. When she speaks with those who are dead, the situation scars her hand. With the number of times she has done this, her hand has paled causing her to have hide her hands under riding gloves.

Catherine had once shared a desire to her sister Tessara (Lebeda) Wellborn the wish to settle down and have as much of a normal life as possible. Kate wished that one day she will marry and have, if it is possible, a family of her own.

Her wish came true when she married a kind man named Carter Fletcher whom she met in Restov several years earlier. Some months later, the couple was with child.

Kate lives with her husband and child in the town of Silver Grove.

Catherine Elizabeth Victoria (Lebeda) Fletcher

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