Dupree Vincent James Lebeda


SpyMaster of Stolen Lands under the rule of the Duke and Duchess.
Married: possibly
Children: Lohan Lebeda, Catherine (Lebeda) Fletcher, Tessara (Lebeda) Wellborn
Currently living in Deerborn


This wildly unique rogue is a human man in his late 4O’s. Having been born the third son of a noble in Silverhall, Dupree has all the upbringing of an aristocrat and the knowledge of the world from making his own way through it. Given his birth position, Dupree was not fit for the church or for ruling and was often ignored by his family. Once in his late teens he found that his ability to find favor buy the commoners and his ability to gather information would be his path. Having made his small fortune in “taking care of delicate situations” with sword or pen, he moved out into the world to find adventure. It is through this travel that he had taken positions in battles that only aided his reputation and coin purse. Travel to and fro, Dupree has “compromised” a few ladies. Although it is not well known, he has fathered several children. Although he was much more cavalier in his opinion of being a father, he has become more concerned with these children and has begun to seek them out.

For some unexplained reason, he has the ability to cast a spell or two. Though he keeps this well hidden, he has been known to help himself win out in a card game or two. Though he can often be found in a tavern spinning wild tales that may or may not be true, he is in constant search of profitable situations. Although he is more concerned with family, he will never pass up opportunities to aid “his children’s” fortunes.

Dupree Vincent James Lebeda

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