Lohan James Dupree Lebeda


Lohan, a human male of 26 years, was the product of Dupree’s first “conquest” of a lady of entertainment. Having very little contact with his outlandish father, he never was in want. When noted at an early age that he was gifted with magic, Dupree sent the young Lohan to a school of magic in Silverhall. After some years there was Lohan visited by his wayward father. Since that time, they kept in contact with the use of a Pain Journal. Though Lohan is not overly found of his father or his behavior, he does realize that Dupree is the only family he has living.

Most of his life has been spent at the school save a few orders from head mages to travel to areas in need. He was made aware of his half-sister Catherine upon a rare visit from his father. Dispite his feelings for Dupree, he quickly attached himself to her as a true brother should. On that visit, Dupree offered him an opportunity to travel with them which he declined but offered his ability to scry when requested. Years had pasted with only quick notes through the Pain Journal until he was urgently requested to come to the Stolen Lands and aid his family and new step-sister Tessara.

Lohan is very talented in the art of magic. At first sight, his robes of fine quality capture the eye. He is taller than Dupree but carries himself as an aristocrat would. Though well hidden from the rest of the world, he is gay. This fact does not sit well with his father but it stems from the fact that Dupree does not see a means to keep his family line intact.

Lohan James Dupree Lebeda

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