Alisha Fletcher


Female human
Councilor of Caliban (the Stolen Lands) under the rule of the Duke and Duchess
Married: no
Children: none
Currently living in Deerborne


Alisha Fletcher is a very kind young woman who grew up in the upper middle class sections of Restov in Brevoy. She was born into a famliy of impressive tailors that later became merchants. Like all her family members, she is very attractive, but not unlike her sister-in-law Catherine Elizabeth Victoria (Lebeda) Fletcher she never uses it to her advantage.

Alisha is the oldest of two sisters and has but one older brother, Carter Fletcher. It was because of this older brother that she had found her way to the then fledgling outpost of what is now Wellington. There, she was introduced to the now Duchess Tessara Wellborn and became her lady-in-waiting and part-time governess to the Duke of Wellborn’s daughter,Victoria .

Once the new castle in Deerborne was bulit, she moved with the royal family. After a few months, the Duke and Duchess saw her potential and offered her a valued leadership role. Alisha now is the Councilor of Caliban (the Stolen Lands). She relishes the role as it affords her time to be with not only the royal family but to represent the needs of the people of the new duchy. Had the training been available to her, Alisha would have made an impressive palidan.

Alisha, in her spare time, is often seen walking with the Warden Akiros Ismort. There is little doubt of their affection for one another and the whole of Deerborne axiously awaits when the two may become wed.

Alisha Fletcher

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