Akiros Ismort


Male human ex-paladin 2/barbarian 3
Warden of the Stolen Lands under the rule of the Duke and Duchess.
Living in Deerborne



Born of simple but proud farmers in the lands of Taldor, Akiros was raised with his parent’s hope that he would one day become the town’s protector. Every day of his life was set to prepare him to become a paladin of Erastil. In a single month after relizing this dream, Akiros fell in love with a married daughter of a local rich merchant. Her name was Rosilla. The affair ended quickly when Rosilla’s husband found out thier secret and threatened to divorce her. Not being able to part with the rich life style she was accustom to she told her husband that Akiros had raped her.

Her husband took her to the temple to confront Akiros. Once there, Rosilla reclaimed before all that she was raped and even spat in Akiros’s face. An unkown fury raged within Akiros and in a single blow, he struck down Rosilla. Knowing that his time and life was short, he struck down Rosilla’s husband as well, and fled from the city before the others could make sense of what they saw.

Stowing away in a merchant ship, Akiros was able to make his way to Mendev by changing ships as often as he could. Fleeing ever north, he found himself in the Stolen Lands. Once free from pursuers, he made a life out of crime and grew to enjoy his new rages. Eventually, he found his way into the motley bandits of the Stag Lord. Quickly he became the Stag Lord’s favorite as he was already skilled far beyond most. All considered his the second in command, but Akiros found the life meaningless and even more hollow that of a palidan of Erastil.

It was one evening when a strange party of bandit’s came to the fort’s gate (the adventurer’s party) that he saw a clear way to escape his current circumstances. Joining the fight against the Stag Lord and his men with the party, life flurrished within him. After the Stag Lord’s defeat, Tessara (Lebeda) Wellborn offered him a place in her growing world. He could not refuse her nor the kind offer of beginning again.

Akiros was given the role of Warden of Caliban (the Stolen Lands), a commision offered by the Duchess herself. In this role, he uses all his skills he learned in the palidan training in his youth to protect the people of Deerborne and even the new royal family members. He could not have drempt of a better outcome.

Currently, Akiros lives in Deerborne and is courting Alisha Fletcher. Though his history is checkered, he is resolved to live the old virtues of the lands of Taldor when knight, ladies, and noble rulers set the proper tone of one’s behaviors.

*Early history of Akiros previous to Stag Lord’s fall was taken from Pathfinder Kingmaker: Stolen Land

Akiros Ismort

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