SaintMac's Kingmaker

6th - 9th Erastus, 4714

6th Erastus, 4714
Begin – Witches Hut (Hex 53).
Party rides through and ‘discover’ the hex. XP100 for hex.
End of day, the party camps in forest (west side).

7th Erastus, 4714
Begin – Forest of Hex 53.
Party ride into Hex 52. No encounters.
End of day, party camps without incident.

8th Erastus, 4714
Begin – Hex 52.
Party continues to ride and explore. While traveling, sounds are heard from some nearby brush.
Mad Hermit attacks with his pet puma.
Randolph’s horse is attacked by puma.
By circling the Hermit, the party kills him. 500XP
Tess attempts to use the Wand of Healing with no success. Randolph uses it to heal the party and horse.
Tess skins the puma successfully (Puma pelt + 25XP).
Looting the hermit’s body, Kate gets a Ring of Protection +1, Tib given the master work short sword and leather amour +1.
Party finishes Hex 52 (100XP).

9th Erastus, 4714
Begin – Hex 52.
Party rides into Hex 51.
Following the Marque River, the party rides until dark into Hex 50.
At dinner, the party discusses how to ‘discover’ north of the river.



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