SaintMac's Kingmaker

5th Erastus, 4714

Begin – Deerborne Castle.
Tess is awoken to the small face of Charlotte. Her daughter tells her not to swim across fast water and look for a shallow water passage.

Travel Party – Tess, Kate, Akiros, and Randolph.
Akiros takes his new page, Tib.
The party rides without issue in hex 46 and by noon arrive at river crossing (C. Northropple Expedition). Tess leans over to Kate and tells her what Charlotte had told her. They look for a shallow crossing.
Ride into Hex 53.
Begin to explore hex following the Lake (Tuskwater).
Soon enough, the party comes upon a small hut, surrounded by a fence. (J. The Swamp Witch).
Akiros falls under the Scarecrow’s Fascination Gaze. It is Tess and Randolph that are able to kill it.
Looking into the hut, the witch attacks, the party kills her.
Treasure – small metal box (inside coins = 1300gp), the money is given to Akiros so that he may save money for ‘future’ wedding. Randolph gets spellbook (lvl 7).
XP 900

Tess sends letter to Dupree requesting that he find a rogue for the party via Blood Book. Dupree replies “My dearest child, this is no matter at all. I will bring such a professional with me on my return.”



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