SaintMac's Kingmaker

4th Erastus, 4714

Begin – morning at Deerborne Castle’s library.
Party wakes with a hangover. Charlotte holds Tess’s nose and pours hangover cure down Tess’s throat. Elizabeth does the same with Charles as Randolf oversees the treatment with a wry smile on his face. Once cured from the previous night’s drink, Tess and Charles go to their rooms to bathe and change for breakfast.

After breakfast, Akiros comes to the castle with longbow and quiver. He suggests that, if Tess is willing, he will teach her the rules of an archery contest that the festival will hold. With Alisha, they travel to the arena.

  • Akiros teaches the two ladies what the targets are made of and the general rules of the contest.
  • Tess tries each of the targets out with Point Blank Shot to get a feel of it.
  • They notice that there are more than a few people from the town who have come to watch.
  • Alisha and Tess practice in the same manner the contest would run.
  • On Tess’s last shot, she distracted by a small voice, Elizabeth’s, cheering her on from the stands.
  • Both Tess and Alisha do very well.

On the way back to the castle

  • Akiros talks Charles into practicing his jousting.
  • Party discusses rewards for the contest events.
    • Joust – 3000, 1500, 500gp
    • Archery – 300, 150, 50gp
    • Pie Eating – 6, 3, 1gp

A working lunch.

  • Each member, who shows to lunch, begins to help Charles clean his old plate armor.
  • More contest reward conversation
    • Axe – 300, 150, 50gp
    • Sword (on foot) – 1000, 500, 250gp
    • Horse Race – 300, 150, 50gp
    • Baking – Dinner with the Wellborns, new cookware, 1gp
    • Kids Sack Race – Pony (provided by Carter), doll or toy sword, candy. Twins to judge race.

Working the webs out of the jousting skills

  • Charles not used to weight. Meet Akiros in courtyard. Party follows in carriage.
  • Many people come to see practice
  • Party sits in royal box to watch. Carter very excited and tells family the rules of a joust.
    • 1st pass – Akiros shatters lance (1pt), Charles misses.
    • 2nd pass – Both off horses (broken stirrup for Akiros, lack of ride skill for Charles)
    • 3rd pass – Charles falls (broken stirrup)
    • 4th pass – Both horses spook and rear but riders able to hold on. Both riders miss.
    • 5th pass – Both riders able to shatter lances.
    • 6th pass – Both riders able to shatter lances.
  • Crowd very excited

Party travel back to the castle for dinner. Charles bruised. Make it an early night.



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