SaintMac's Kingmaker

1st Lamashan, ????

1st Lamashan, ????
Tess wakes up dizzy and having trouble focusing.
She finds herself in a small inn room similar to inn at Oleg’s, raining outside, dusk.
Perception – notes all belongings present.
Older woman, Theela, enters. Tess finds out that Theela is the innkeeper, that she is in Isarn (Galt), that the revolutions continue, Grey Gardeners are enforcers and that many have been killed.
Tess attempts to contact Charles via wedding ring, but no answer. Attempts to use blood book to contact Dupree, no answer.
Theela brings dinner and states that it is not safe for Tess to be there. Brings rugged man in his 30’s named Teb with her. Teb is a captain of a “whore’s ship”.
Tess barters for ship passage to Deerborne. Changing in raging clothes and Theela’s cloak, Teb leads Tess to his ship through the sewers.
Once on the ship and the boat moving up river in the night, Teb returns to Tess who is now in the captain’s quarters.
Teb states that he wants to know nothing of her name or past for his own safety. Expects to be in Deerborne in two weeks.
The captain creates a split in the room with a small sail over a rope stretched across room.
Tess sleeps in berth while Teb sleeps in makeshift hammock.

2th Lamashan, ????
Begin – Whore’s ship, Kantele River, Galt.
Tess has small breakfast provided by Teb. He offers her a romance novel given to him to pass the time.
When Teb leaves to his duties on deck, Tess notes the book’s print date of 4734 (20 years have somehow passed)
Dinner conversation with Teb.
Tess’s 3 daughters are queens in their own right.
Deerborne ruled by Victoria and Randolph
The east is ruled by the Blind Queen and guard by a protector (Charlotte)
The west is ruled by the King and Queen of the Grasslands (Thomas and Elizabeth). In a battle with someone.
The land is referred to as Everwind now.
Candlemere is where the mage college is. Green Wizards are trained there.
The old queen had vanished and the king is long dead. A war of some sort broke out soon after.
There is a city of elves within Everwind.
Teb is not a slave trader. The woman on board have volunteered to become “servants”.



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