SaintMac's Kingmaker

1st – 16th Arodus, 4714

1st – 7th Arodus, 4714
Kingdom building for second month.

8th – 9th Arodus, 4714
Travel back to Deerborne.

10th Arodus, 4714
Begin – Deerborne Castle.
Charles moves into the first floor of dungeon.
Twins ride ponies.
Tess, Kate, and Victoria go shopping to furnish the first level of dungeon.
Dungeon chambers transformed into living area.

11th Arodus, 4714
Begin – Deerborne Castle.
Discussion in the group.
Akiros, with an army of 25, to conquer the southwest.
Tess to take an army to the southeast.

12th Arodus, 4714
Begin – Tess and company in Hex 55.
Find shallow ford by noon to cross Gudrin River.
By night, camp next to border of 55.

13th Arodus, 4714
Begin – 55.
Discovered Hex 56.

14th Arodus, 4714
Begin – 55.
Travel into Hex 56.
Party backtracks to ford to cross into the southern area.
By 2:00ish, around Tuskwater, see huge turtle Crackjaw and kill it.
Camp by 55

15th Arodus, 4714
Begin – Hex 55.
By early morning, finish hex 55 and claim it. (100XP)
Finish 56 and claim it. (100XP)

16th Arodus, 4714
Begin in Hex 56.
Party travels into Hex 63.
Montach’s bark alerts party to Leucrotta (Q.). Party kills.
Camp at night. Tess notes distraction from Randolph.



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