SaintMac's Kingmaker

10th - 20th Erastus, 4714

10th Erastus, 4714
Party begins day by riding and ‘discovering’ the land north of the river.
By afternoon, Tess notes a trail that once was a road. Following the trail, the party comes to an old keep.
Tess enters through the gate and trips a trap sending the portcullis crashing down. Tess successful reflex to get out of way of the heavy iron gate, but traps her inside the walls with the rest of the party outside.
Tess catches sight of Rigg before he disappears. Remembering her True Seeing eye piece, she puts it on and able to see Rigg.
Akiros able to lift gate (perfect 20). Party rushes in. Randolph casts Glitter Dust covering Rigg.
Party kills Rigg. 600XP
Party enters tower G3, attacked by swarms of rats, Randolph kills with fireball. 300XP
With the daylight fading, the party camps away from the keep.

11th Erastus, 4714
Begin – Hex 50 outside keep.
Kate and Tess talk about Charles. Tess concerned that she will outlive Charles now that he is in a human state. Kate is under the impression that perhaps his first wife is not dead after all. If not, perhaps if he is bitten again he may return to a vampiric state. Kate that has heard that there are such people in Ustalav.
Party begins travelling back to Deerborne, arriving early on 13th

13th Erastus, 4714
Arrived at Deerborne.
Family members sit in library. Kate and Tess start a conversation with Charles about being bitten.
Kate flirts to get Charles to consider.
Charles states that he is sure his first wife is dead.
Dupree and Victoria teleport home from Restov with the aid of Randolph.
Victoria uses orb to get advice on the vampire situation. She receives info – A woman vampire heading their way.
Due to the danger of the situation, the Wellborne family spends day together.
At night a woman appears in Tess and Charles’s bedroom. Charles is bitten, he stabs the woman in the back while in embrace, killing the vampire.
Hearing the commotion, Akiros breaks in door with sword in hand. Tess yells to him not to kill Charles who is cringing on the floor. Tess goes to Charles to heal his excessive bleeding but he pushes her away, sending her across the room.
Charles hisses, and vanishes. Tess soon learns the twins were taken by him.
Using the orb and Tess’s wedding ring they learn the following.
Charlotte can speak through orb
Charles has killed his sister and her family in Wellborne.
Charles has ‘cleared’ Akiros’s family in Taldor. (Teleporting like crazy)
They (Charles and the twins) going to the abandoned keep (hex 50) and in seven days Tess can come visit.
Dupree and Victoria to come to keep in 5 days with builders.
Tess to bring rings in Charles’s chest when she comes.

14th Erastus, 4714
Begin – Deerborne Castle.
At breakfast, Tess announces that in a week’s time, they will be travelling to the keep.
Tess speaks with each member about what needs to be done.

15th – 16th Erastus, 4714
Begin – Deerborne Castle.
Preparation for travel.

17th Erastus, 4714
Begin – Deerborne Castle.
Elven Soldiers and dwarven builders leave for elven tower (keep).

18th – 19th Erastus, 4714
Begin – Deerborne Castle.
Elven families, Dupree and Victoria leave for keep.

20th Erastus, 4714
Begin – Deerborne Castle.
Prepare to leave tomorrow.



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