Welcome to Saint Mac’s Kingmaker Campaign!

This the place where our current Kingmaker game is documented and supported. If you are a GM or player of the same AP, you’ll notice that I go far from what is written in the actual AP. I’m big on role-play, so the entries in the Adventure Log will probably reflect something very different from your own (NPCs, events, etc) but there will be spoilers if you aren’t careful as I do use it as a guide.

In addition, please note that this game is played with ‘mature’ players and GM. This is my way of saying that logs found in the “Adventure Log” may be very inappropriate for younger players to read.

Saint Mac

  • As stated above, this is taken from the Pathfinder Kingmaker AP. Please note, I will make every effort to give Paizo/Pathfinder noted credit as often as possible on anything they have developed. Love this AP, go and get it!

SaintMac's Kingmaker

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